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            stan and richie were together and it was killing eddie. when the two had first started dating, eddie had come up with excuses to not hang out with the group as a whole. he’d say that his mom wasn’t letting him out or that he had to study for a test in one of his classes. he hated that he stopped hanging out with his group of friends because of this and he hated even more how quickly his feelings towards stan shifted when richie started dating the curly-haired boy. this was one of the rare times that eddie hung out with all of them as a whole. bill had invited them over for a movie night and told eddie that he knew that there were no tests coming up and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. currently eddie was sitting on the couch, mike had been sitting beside him because lately mike had been the easiest to cuddle with. ben and beverly were always together, being close to stan or richie made him sick, and bill’s elbows always poked his sides. right now no one was sitting beside eddie, though, because most of the losers were in bill’s room trying to pick a movie. “you know.. i really hate you.” eddie says finally, glancing over at richie to see if he heard him. @trcshvtozicr


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It’s silent between the two and Richie respects that, but he’s also trying to figure out why Eddie was blocking conversation topics out ( not that he was going to badger him, but he was a concerned friend ) and he just wanted to know things. ❝ I’m sure you’d like that, though! ❞ He chortles - fucking chortles, but it wasn’t intentional, Richie just seemed to act nervous around his friend, really. ❝ If you wanted a kiss, you could have just asked, Eds. ❞

            “in your dreams.” maybe richie was right, but eddie still refused to acknowledge it. he laughed softly at the statement that followed and shook his head. “i think you’re so in love with me that even if i asked you to kiss me, you’d be stunned into silence.” he was watching richie, now and he paused for a moment as if considering his words. eddie wasn’t sure whether or not he was challenging richie, but he chose not to think about that. “maybe i should just to see what it’s like to be around you and have it be quiet.

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yikes how bad would it be if i had more femme fcs then masc 


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❝ Well — if you like someone and you don’t wanna say anything to them, I’m here for you. In case, you know? ❞ He offers nothing but comfort, seeing how he was an entire joke ( according to his parents ) but he was going to try his best and help Eddie out, even if he was hiding something. Looking over at Eddie as he speaks, he nods his head, soon his eyes blown wide as he hears some words of offense. ❝ They liked it, Eds. Don’t be jealous that you haven’t kissed me yet! ❞

            eddie shrugs, not wanting to say anything else on the topic. deep down, he knew he liked boys and not girls. deep down, eddie knew that he had a crush on trashmouth tozier. on the surface, eddie refused to admit any of that to himself and willed it to go away. “i’m pretty sure i’d get mouth sores if i kissed you. or, somehow you’d give me a cavity with all the sugar you eat.” eddie replied, shrugging. neither of those were true. there were other reasons why eddie didn’t kiss richie and pretended that he didn’t want to.



In detail, Richie loved teasing Eddie because he loved to see the reaction on the other’s face as he messed around with him. ❝ Listen, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, Eds. I understand. ❞ It’s a let down to see that Eddie’s hiding his feelings, but he doesn’t wanna make his friend uncomfortable. A laugh as he looks over at his friend, Richie rubs the back of his neck, silent as ever. ❝ You probably forgot. I mean – I told you and then you weren’t listening, I don’t know. ❞

            “i think i just need to figure some things out before i can admit it.” he said softly, brushing the remaining grass off of his thighs. if he was being completely honest, which he never was with himself, eddie would have known that richie had kissed people before. as much as he wants to pretend that it didn’t happen, he remembers when richie told him all about it. nervous fingers drum on eddie’s thigh while richie speaks. “i probably spent too much time feeling bad for them that they’d have to kiss your trashmouth.” he said, smirking at richie.

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Rolling his eyes in reply, he threw some remnants of grass at his friend before laughing softly, a smile forming. He had noticed the pause coming from Eddie, chewing on his lower lip as he waited for something to come out of his friend’s mouth, but he was patient, of course. ❝ Just what? ❞ He tilts his head in the utmost confusion, wondering what could be on his mind right now. A strained laugh leaving his lips, his fingers fiddled with his glasses before answering. ❝ Hell yeah, I have! Cecelia from homeroom and that other guy from the theatre. ❞

            when the grass hit him, eddie pouted and wiped it away. he thought about saying something about his allergies, but decided that it would likely result in more grass being thrown at him. “i don’t want to say it..” he trailed off, not looking at richie. with how honest richie had been with eddie, he wanted to share that. it was so hard, though. eddie couldn’t admit something aloud that he’d never even quietly admitted to himself. “really? either you never told me or i forgot.”

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i’m switching to mobile, but message me on discord ophelia#4847



It was almost like an insult to Richie, but he knew that it wasn’t one. He truly was full of himself and he wasn’t going to apologize because that’s who he was. Full of himself and hell, if people didn’t like it then it didn’t matter. ❝ I may be messy, but the Lord knows I’m not that conceited, ❞ He lied through his teeth, wondering if Eddie knew that he was. Richie always lied, he lied to get out of church ( once, before his parents started hating him ), he also lied to get free candy but that was nothing compared to this one. There was nothing but silence filling the scene, though it wasn’t awkward, he just wanted to make sure that Eddie wasn’t rethinking his life choices in hearing him out. ❝ Like I said, you’ll get through it. Some of us know what we want and some of us don’t, Eds. It’s part of life, I guess. ❞

            “oh, sure.” eddie deadpanned, shaking his head at richie. he was mostly kidding with richie, but he partly wondered how much of this was him just joking around. regardless, he wasn’t going to push the subject. eddie knew enough about richie to just let things come up naturally. “there’s just…” he trailed off, biting his lip. to finish that sentence, eddie would have to admit how he felt. it was something that he never even admitted to himself. eddie knew how he felt about girls and he knew how he felt about boys. he also knew everything his mother had said about crushes and what came with them. “have you ever kissed anyone?” he finally asks, looking at the boy with coke bottle glasses out of the corner of his eye.



❝ I know you can’t, Eddie Spaghetti! ❞ He replied as he laughed a bit, rolling his eyes as he heard Eddie’s warning, though didn’t listen. However, he would take Eddie warning him than saying ‘beep, beep Richie’ any day, if anything. ❝ Deep down, you love it. Just like how you love me, ❞ He says as he smiles wide, messing with his glasses before sighing softly. Richie arched a brow as he listened to his friend, chewing on his lower lip in the slightest nervousness before speaking. ❝ I – well, it wasn’t easy. I just happen to like everyone for who they are, Eds. You’ll figure it out soon though. ❞

            this time eddie didn’t correct the name and he simply rolled his eyes. “you’re so full of yourself. messy and full of yourself.” he mumbled, watching richie as he spoke. it seemed like all of eddie’s friends were finding out who they liked and eddie felt left behind. bill and ben liked beverly, richie was saying he liked boys and girls. deep down, eddie knew, but he was scared to admit it to himself. the brunet was quiet for several moments, looking at the grass on his legs while he thought. “i think i know. i just.. don’t want to know. or, i don’t want that to be what it is.”


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i’m changing some of my fcs, i want to have all actors

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