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            “hey do you, uh, wanna go somewhere with me?” rhode asked, looking at the other while shifting awkwardly. he’d never asked someone out before so he was a bit nervous. “we can go wherever you want, i’ll pay.” he offered. @sadlykawaii


            it was getting late at night and amber was walking around the streets. there were a few drops of blood on her top, but amber ignored them as she walked the streets. this was the prime time for her to be out and about. as she walked, she looked at the people around her. she walked past a bar and slowed down when she saw someone standing outside of the bar. “hey, aren’t you supposed to be inside?” @sadlykawaii


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dark eyes fluttered up to meet the other’s eyes, stoic expression softening upon the other’s words. ah, so that’s where she recognized her … “no, i wasn’t staring at you for that,” she’d murmur breathlessly, setting her mug down. “your tag is out,” the young woman would then offer, doing a little spinning motion with a bandaged finger ( a quiet offer for the girl to turn around so she could take care of it ). to see such a young girl be placed in that sort of workforce ( it wasn’t such an uncommon thing, really, though it reminded her of her own misfortune of her place in society ). “sorry for not saying that earlier.” 

            cambrie nodded, opening her mouth to say something but pausing when the other motioned for her to turn around. she was hesitant, but after a moment the dark haired girl turned so the stranger could fix her tag. cambrie wasn’t fond of people touching her, but if this person tried to do anything other than fix her tag, she could defend herself. “it’s fine. i was busy with getting my coffee.” she shrugged, moving her braid out of the way.


            “is there a reason you’re staring at me?” she asked. cambrie didn’t have work tonight, so she was dressed conservatively to make up for how she dressed when she was on stage. she had noticed the other staring earlier, but chose to not say anything until now. she was hoping they’d get bored, but she managed to place her order and get her coffee with them watching her. “if you come to the club tomorrow, you can see a lot more for the right price.” @neverforgiiven


i want to write canon muses right now and i don’t know why


i wanna use some gif icons


i’m dropping all my threads except for the one i started last night. if you want a thread, like this.



❝ — That’s literally the goal, Spaghetti Boy! ❞ Richie had an amused smile on his face, his hands in the air as he had thought of a golden idea, something that would harm the two, but he didn’t care that much about his health, maybe Eddie did, but it wasn’t that special to him. ❝ If you wanna be a little wimp, then that’s fine by me, I’ll go alone. ❞

            eddie made a face at the nickname and groaned. “i’ve told you a million times not to call me that, richie!” he says. when richie says he’ll go alone, eddie realizes that that’s even worse than watching his best friend get hurt. he checks his fanny pack to make sure that it had everything he might need before sighing. “you’re going to need someone to clean you up when you do get hurt and no one else is around. you aren’t going alone.” eddie slowly gets up, eyeing his friend suspiciously.


i’m going to go on a semi-hiatus. if you want to keep up a thread or have me reply on a more constant basis, pm me. we can rp through discord because right now that’s easier for me. i won’t be logging into this account too often, though so replies will be taking a little while



❝ I may be beautiful but I’m not stupid ❞ Gus speaks, encircling the other as he carries that wicked grin. ❝ You’re lucky you were found by me and not my dad, he’d shoot from behind, catching you off guard. What the hell are you doing in our turf? ❞

            holden walked in a slow circle so she could read the other’s lips as he walked around her. she didn’t know where she was or what she was doing, but the boy was making it clear that she was in the wrong place. “i was just walking. i’m not sure how i got here… thanks for, uh, not shooting me. i didn’t think you had to thank people for that, but yeah.”


            “i’m just saying. you’re either going to get hurt or sick, or both.” eddie said, watching the other boy while he sat on a swing. he refused to participate because he wasn’t about to put himself in harm’s way. @trcshtozicr


i’m gonna make a canon disney blog, like this and i’ll follow you from that blog


like this to plot with my canon muses!!



Melanie Martinez — Cry Baby Album {Sentence Starters}

  • “Should I be scared?“
  • “God, I wish I never spoke.”
  • “I didn’t care. I wasn’t scared.”
  • “I wish I didn’t care all the time.”
  • “I think I left the faucet running…”
  • “Will a pretty face make it better?“
  • “You were comforting and quiet…”
  • “Do you swear you’ll stay forever?“
  • “How did love become so violent?“
  • “Your heart’s too big for your body.”
  • “The normals, they make me afraid.”
  • “Tell me why the hell no one is here.”
  • “I know you better than anyone else.”
  • “He chased me and he wouldn’t stop!”
  • “It’s not like I’m asking to be your wife.”
  • “Whoever said I gave a shit ‘bout you?”
  • “The crazies, they make me feel sane.”
  • “You can always call up a professional.”
  • “Just be sure to read the warning, kids.”
  • “I’m sick of all the games I have to play.”
  • “I don’t give a fuck about you, anyways.”
  • “Just me and you and you and me alone.”
  • “No one will love you if you’re unattractive.”
  • “Just means there’s way more cake for me.”
  • “Tell me what to do to make it all feel better.”
  • “You’re one of a kind and no one understands.”
  • “I’m tired of always chasing, chasing after you.”
  • “Can anybody hear me? Am I talking to myself?“
  • “I’m mad, the craziest friend that you’ve ever had.”
  • “He doesn’t think I’m that fucking dumb, does he?“
  • “Kids are still depressed when you dress them up.”
  • “Don’t let them see what goes down in the kitchen.”
  • “Everything was so sweet… until you tried to kill me.”
  • “All the best people are crazy, all the best people are.”
  • “All the makeup in the world won’t make you less insecure.”
  • “You build me up like building blocks just so you can bring me down.”
  • “You seem to replace your brain with your heart. You take things so hard and then you fall apart.”

i’m adding canon muses to my blog



qiang adjusts the straps of his backpack pulling at his shoulders, which are now holding up an uncomfortable amount of weight from a stranger. it doesn’t feel right, but qiang feels too awkward to wiggle out of his grasp. he blinks and stares blankly ahead before looking down at his sneakers. “really?” qiang asks the other boy, now sincerely interested. “i’m glad i don’t have a car…” he mumbles quietly, daring to take a step away from the pierced boy.

            nolan is surveying the people around them, checking to see if anyone pays attention. he plans on taking this poor guy’s money, but he isn’t about to get caught by anyone. he doesn’t feel like planning a jailbreak tonight. “you could still get robbed. a car doesn’t automatically make you safe.” nolan comments, taking his arm off of the other person and spinning in a slow circle to see if anyone is around.



“Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” Sirena shoots as soon as her shoulder makes contact with the other’s. “Obviously you don’t know who I am so I’ll let you off with a warning this time.”

@bandaiids liked for a starter.

           “okay, it was a simple accident. relax.” cambrie mumbled, shooting a glare at the stranger. “am i supposed to know who you are? because i frankly don’t care. i doubt you’re even that important. you must just think you’re important, but news flash. people bump into important people, too.”



raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at the male, nikita shrugged, gathering her things. “why did you invite me over if you knew you had no food in the fridge? that’s just weird.”

            “i didn’t know until after i invited you over, if that makes it any better.” henry defended, leaning against the counter. “i can run out and get a few things or order some pizza.” he offered, watching the other girl closely.



          “do you now?” astraea raised her eyebrows in response to her best friend’s comment, trying to fight the small spark of jealousy she felt in her stomach. “so,” the brunette began slowly, trying to figure out how to put her next sentence together without sounding like she was too interested in the whole matter. “you gonna call her?”

            cooper glanced at the cup in his hands, studying the way the worker had turned the o’s in his name into hearts and looking at the number beneath his name before shaking his head. “no, i don’t think i am. i’m too busy to learn a new person.” cooper admitted, taking another sip of his coffee.

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